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About CBA


Our Mission & History

Every organization has to have a purpose. For us we would like to introduce why our organization is in state and our plans.

Meet our Directors

Without our directors, the Chinese Benevolent Association would not be where it stands. These directors donate their time to maintain this Chinese association, such as arranging events like the K-Days parade and the Mid-Autumn Festival here in Edmonton, Alberta free of cost! Huge thanks to them. Definitely worth the time to get to know them.  

Message from the Chair

Our Chairman, Michael Lee has an announcement on the recent appreciation from the CBA and discusses the future plans that the CBA will provide.

Annual Report

Check out our society's proceeding actions of this year. We appreciate every support from you all. We will all do our best to continue our services to make you all proud of being associated with us. Thank you in advance.

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