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One stop for affordable housing

A new online tool will make it easier and faster for Albertans to find affordable housing that meets their personal needs and budget.

Doctor and Patient

Information Updates 
in Alberta

Updated with the latest information on COVID-19, CBA will follow the guidance of Alberta health service and work with you to create a safe and livable living environment.

Recently, decisions made on the supervised injection sites by the City of Edmonton, the Province of Alberta and the Government of Canada do not align with past and present commitments to revitalization and return to community health.

Chinatown Gate

Take Down Notice

​The Chinatown Edmonton-Harbin Friendship Gate has been an Edmonton civic landmark for the past 30 years. Located on 102 Avenue just east of 97 Street, it was erected in 1987 as a symbol of the close ties between the sister’s cities of Edmonton and Harbin of the People's Republic of China. The original construction was made possible through government grants from the Province of Alberta and the City of Edmonton, plus private donations from the community.

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