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冬至  Dongzhi Winter Solstice Festival



Date: December 12 - 21, 2020

Location: online (FREE)

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Join the Chinese Benevolent Association and the Edmonton Chinese Community in celebrating Dongzhi Winter Solstice.

Dongzhi Winter Solstice is a traditional holiday that falls on either December 21, 22, or 23 of the western calendar, depending on the year. This holiday signifies the longest night and shortest day of the year.

During this time of the year, people will improve their health by resting, relaxing, staying warm and eating delicious food to nourish their body. Tangyuan ( 汤圆 ) is one of the most popular food that is traditionally eaten during this holiday. The circular shape of this steamy hot dessert symbolizes family unity and prosperity. 

If you have any questions and or concerns, please contact

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